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Losing your hair can make you feel insecure, self conscious and less pretty because of what society deems beautiful. These amazing women suffering from the hair loss condition known as alopecia prove society wrong by embracing their baldness with an open mind and an open heart.
London based photographer Daniel Regan, created the photography series The Alopecia Project that features people suffering from alopecia. The hair loss condition is often confused with people losing their hair from chemotherapy, but alopecia is caused when our white blood cells attack the cells in our hair follicles -- resulting in hair loss. Contrary to popular belief, besides going bald -- those who suffer from alopecia was completely healthy otherwise.
Regan was inspired to create this photography project after meeting a friend suffering from alopecia. He went on to work with Alopecia UK and that is where he found his beautiful muses who were resilient enough to agree to be photographed without their wigs.
"This project had helped some people to come to terms with their loss, confusion, anger. It is a testament to just how powerful photography can be, and that if used correctly, it can have a dramatic therapeutic benefit", says Regan. These beautiful images will move you in a way you've never been moved before.

Ladies, at the end of the day please remember that you are not your hair -- but you are the soul that lives within.

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Great card. I have a friend who suffers from alopecia. I knew nothing about it, and had no idea that was something that existed. I learned a lot through her, and I learned so much more through this card. :-)
This is such a great card. Alopecia is something that's definitely under-acknowledged in our society, so it's so inspiring to see artists embrace the hair loss.
These women are both courageous and beautiful. I think that growing up with a condition like this must turn you into such a beautiful person inside as well – it necessitates a lot of strength and overcoming obstacles. Maybe they're lucky, in a way, because I'm sure each and every one of these women has such a better idea of where their beauty and worth lies than all of us do. I'm inspired by this card @jordanhamilton, because it reminds me that true beauty is something on the inside :) and maybe rather than spending an hour making myself up in the morning, I should focus on improving the parts of me that are invisible, but so much more important.
I first found out about alopecia because one of the most 'successful' people that graduated from my high school had the condition. Her name is Staciana Stitts, and she's a former Olympic gold medalist in swimming. Every so often, she'd come to our school to talk about growing up with alopecia and becoming a professional athlete. She was so, so inspiring.
this is amazing! seriously campaigns like this one make me so happy because they use photographs to show women what they can't seem to see in the mirror and that is that they are BEAUTIFUL! i hope there are more women (and men) willing to brave the camera because these were stunning
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