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Since we all got really excited about the official release of the Deadpool trailer last night, it seemed like a good idea to share this awesome cosplay idea. Sometimes building a suit out of raw materials can be too time-consuming, so using body paint is an awesome alternative. People will definitely look twice at this costume!
The tutorial is by Madeyewlook, and they walk you through every step of the process.

Will the real Deadpool please stand up?

They even have an 'everyday' Deadpool look!

If you want to have some subtler makeup that's reminiscent of your favorite character, or you're still perfecting your make-up skills, you should definitely try this first!

Get yourself a chimichanga and rock this costume!

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@DanRodriguez you're welcome! I love this @buddyesd I know! I'm very impressed ^_^
That was awesome!
@shannonl5 wish I could paint lol
@buddyesd yeah this looks pretty difficult! I might try to do something similar one day! @LAVONYORK I'm glad you liked it ^_^