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So I am going to a One Direction Concert tonight and I am so excited! So obviously I wanted to get a T-shirt or a hat or one of those cool temporary tattoos that only 13 year old fan girls would have thought up.
Which led me to innocently google One Direction T-shirts and came across the most inappropriate, sexual, and actually really witty T-shirts that show just how much their fans love them.
And if I had money, I would have brought them all. Check out a few of the best ones!
This t-shrit isn't exactly dirty but One Directioners call themselves Crazy MoFos in reference to a tweet sent out by Niall calling the fans #crazymofos because of their super sexual tweets. Side Note- All the tweets are really disturbingly sexual.
Can you imagine a 15 year old rocking this shirt? Because this is just making me think about the movie Almost Famous and all the groupies. Not exactly the scene a tween should be at! P.S. Larry is the couple name for the rumored (and obsessed about) coupling of Harry and Louie.
I mean same, but I don't think my Dad needs know that.
Hmmmmm I wonder what you want to do at the home of any (or all) of One Direction tweens. I can't imagine its very PG!
I am imagining a middle schooler wearing this shirt into class and her teacher just not knowing how to respond, and it seems hysterical!
This is just really clever.
Rock on Directioners, you really are the craziest, coolest fans. I can't even wait to see the home made shirts that will be ever dirtier.
If no one puffy paints "Now let me kiss you Harry Styles" I will be sorely disappointed and everyones is missing a very excellent opportunity.
The one about the buns though. That's so relevant.
Ok but "don't touch me unless you're Harry Styles" is actually a very clear message about consent. 1D is secretly teaching us all basic sex ed.
@danidee my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun
@shannonl5 hahah i appreciate your comment on so many levels ! i wouldn't complain having 1D as my sex ed teachers HOLLLLA
@danidee like was i sad his hair wasn't in a man bun during the concert ......... ehhhh yes but he still looked hot AF with his hair down