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Janis Joplin most definitely ranks up there with my favorite rock stars in music history. Her music, her story, her worldview... the whole package, I just buy it.
"Piece of My Heart" may be her best known song, and for good reason. It represents everything that she does right - namely, going absolutely CRAZY with each note. There's no one with more passion than Janis.
"Didn't I make you feel like you were the only man?
Yeah an' didn't I give you nearly everything that a woman possibly can?
Honey, you know I did"
Some folks don't know that Janis actually recorded her early music, and some of the best of her career, with a San Francisco-based band called Big Brother and The Holding Company. Their most famous record, Cheap Thrills, features one of the best album covers I've ever seen. It holds particular significance to me, since my brother gave me the record on vinyl as a gift, and it was one of the first vinyls I owned as I was building my collection. So, I think of my brother when I think of Big Brother and the Holding Company. Ain't that the best part of music? Building a memory behind a song?
Cheers, Mitch.
Also, I'm pretty sure that lyric is how every woman who has ever been disappointed by a man feels. Can anyone attest?
Oh Janis. Legendary. I'm not a mom but I like her a lot.
she's definitely a mom favorite hahah
Janis Joplin is my moms favvvv artist she said she got her though a lot !