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CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery, is in movies more than you think. From your favorite characters, to everyday items, to the most elaborate landscapes, everything is fake. What you thought of that beautiful town with the perfectly decorated buildings bustling with happy looking people are actually just a computer image on a screen. The gorgeous woman who met the most handsome man in the ballroom are actually not even real people. You'll never be able to travel to the Capitol of Panem in the Hunger Games or go to Avatar. Jumpsuits, special makeup, and movie gear can completely change a person's appearance. It looks so real that you can't tell the difference which is why when you can, people freak out. The more realistic CGI looks, the happier the audience. I do have to say that it is slightly disappointing that nothing is real anymore and they wonder why our generation wants everything picture perfect.

Here are some primary examples of your favorite movies, commercials, and tv shows turned drastically different when you strip away CGI.

“Amazing, wonderfully-executed CG is everywhere -- you just don’t know it,” Freddie Wong, RocketJump Film School representative says, "Visual effects have, since the beginning of cinema, always been a part of this art form. And CG, just like every innovation in cinema, is simply a tool on the filmmakers’ tool belt to tell a story. But when the end result is bad, maybe it’s really not the tool’s fault.”
Though budget and time deadlines can make or break CGI in a movie, it's still important to the audience. Check out this video above to get a glimpse into the movie making magic!

How do you feel about CGI?

I can live with cg in most instances but not when they started messing around with star wars >:(
I honestly don't mind at all that its CG? As long as it doesn' pull me out of the movie, it's part of the at