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Let these angels fall and make me feel alive As I don't know what happening in this life The shining star is now dimming and the shine on its depart Feels like this heart from my soul is once apart Heaven and hell both try to rule me But all they have been doing is bruise me Once they harden this heart to live But another moment they take all they give May be peace is not that powerful to make us sane As every time they try to blossom hades unwrap it's cape The beat which used to echo in this life is now faded And now my wings are cut down as well as I caged The beauty inside is totally rendered And even to this game even my life is comprehended Hate and love make this coin flip again and again Joy wins over hate and love is conquered by pain It's like a rainbow in dark night Which you can't see but is there all the time For which I bleed and shed my tears It's soil is slipping like sand and memories I am lost between underground and sky Don't know whether to burn in pain or fly high Just let that angel fall and behold my conscience For once I felt alive in those mighty arms Now these breaths are silent And I am here wandering within my own defiant
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love it