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The first GOP presidential debate is tomorrow night and in order to handle the group's attempt to out-crazy each other, you might have to get a little drunk.
The debate lineup was just announced (Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and John Kasich) and I know you're thinking this game is going to revolve around Trump, but you've got to give the other candidates a chance to say some drink-worthy stuff!!!
For more info about the lineup, check out @nicolejb's super informative card!

Drink once when a candidate says....

1. Obamacare
2. Something about their own religion
3. "Obama's failed presidency"
4. "Stop Hillary Clinton"
5. Something about shutting down Planned Parenthood
6. Anything about Ronald Reagan

Drink twice when a candidate says....

1. "The war on Christians"
2. Something negative about marriage equality
3. Anything about Benghazi
4. The exact same thing a candidate before them said, just phrased a little differently
5. Something about being a "working class man"
6. Anything about how they plan to "take America back!"

Finish your drink when Donald Trump...

1. Talks about how much money he has
2. Refers to himself in third person
3. Talks about how smart he is
4. Mentions Obama's birth certificate
5. Interrupts another candidate or the moderator
6. Talks about his hair
You've got a day to prepare! You'll need plenty of alcohol and lots of Advil because knowing these candidates, you're going to have a wicked hangover.


If I do this I'm gonna die. I will keel over and be dead.
hahah the best one is to take two drinks when someone just rephrases what someone else said.
this sounds like so much fun!!! and I love the opening donald "grump" meme.
oh yeah @danidee these are all pretty inevitable which makes for a fun drinking game!! i feel like 50% of viewers are watching the debate just to play a drinking game #america
I'm so lucky that I found this card in time. This is hilarious!! And I can pretty much see every single scenario happen at least once tonight.
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