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Everyone has gotten a Charley Horse and it is actually the most pain cramp EVER!
Directed only at the leg muscles, these painful spasms in the muscle can lead to the temporary inability to walk, hours of tenderness after the spasm ends, and even such intense pain that it wakes you from your sleep.
And I am not exaggerating, because this just happened to me last night and I limped my way to work.
But there are ways to avoid these God awful cramps!
Drink More Water
Most cramps happen because we are dehydrated! Thats one of the main reasons why these cramps strike at night or while playing sports. Especially during this hot summer it is vital to drink a lot of water. It also doesn't help to have a bottle of water next to your bed!!
Eat A Banana
Bad cramps usually occur when there is a deficiency in calcium, magnesium or potassium. Bananas are a super food packed with nutrients that can help keep your electrolytes high even when your water levels are lowering. So enjoy a banana smoothie, peanut butter and banana toast or just a plain banana every day, especially if you are a swimmer.
When in Doubt, Rub It Out!
So you get a Charley Horse and it feels like your leg will never loosen up. You need to massage the muscle even if it hurts to touch, it will loosen the tension. Add heat and then a cold compress to help with the soreness and stretch out when your muscle is finally unclenched. It will hurt, but doing these steps will help lessen the hours of discomfort that will follow.
I play football and I saw another person get it .He was crying
Ugh I get these like almost every time I'm hungover
@alywoah legit my leg STILL hurts ! i keep trying to stretch it out under my desk without looking to weird haha
Those are definitely the worse.
omg! I get these sometimes but my husband gets the worst of them! Thanks for the remedies
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