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Who loves Seinfeld? I do. I watch that show everyday and I feel like the situations presented on the show relate to my life.
I love George Costanza. George is the easiest character to relate to on television. Very funny and WISE, that Costanza guy. Whenever I am looking for answers to one life’s puzzles, I learn on George for answers. Time after time, he delivers.
Instead of keeping the knowledge to myself, I have decided to share the wise words of George with my fellow Vinglers. Below is the story on the time George Costanza saved my relationship.

Situation: My girlfriend went to get a haircut and things went a bit overboard.

The conversation starts out with her saying “I didn’t plan on cutting it this much, but in order for it to come out like I saw in the book, slightly drastic measures had to be taken.”
In the back of my mind I’m thinking “Jesus Christ what is in these books at the hairdresser??” They push me to the limit at least three to four times a year.
I looked up and my girlfriend was staring at me, waiting for a response on the haircut.
I was at a fork in the road. I didn't like the cut, but I don't like to lie. I knew being honest about the haircut could land in me in the dog house.

I thought to myself “WWGD” (What Would George Do?)

I took a deep breath, and a clever quote from George came to mind:

"Just remember, It's not a lie, if you believe it."

I was spineless, my answer was pathetic, but I slept like a bird that night. A little white lie (remember to deliver it with some enthusiasm, dammit) got us through a questionable hair day. She was happy, and so was I.
So ladies and gentlemen (guys, you are NOT exempt from this story because I delivered from my POV. We have done this also, remember that silly mo-hawk you got in Spring 13'? Yeah...)

Hug your spouse. Rub that baldy! Embrace the mullet!

Remember, it's just hair!
this is toooooooo funny! hope your gf doesn't read this or the jig is up lol
@mooshieBay There are so many good episodes. I love the Soup Nazi one, or the one where Kramer is working for the clinic and spends his day acting out STDs for people to guess on the
I love this show. The last episide was my favorite
I think I'm adopting WWGD as my new mantra... hope you're willing to share it @christianmordi
@jordanhamilton For starters, I am happy you liked the card and writing style. WWGD is my mantra, lol. I love that show and George, they did an AMAZING job developing his character in the show.. while many stayed in the same place, you really saw George go through a personal journey via relationships and work.. that's why I dig GC so much. I'm looking forward to using sharing more George stories in the near future, if you guys like... lol
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