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I went to the park yesterday, but you weren't there

we usually get together every Tuesday. it kind of became a ritual for me
it was really weird not seeing you
I sat on the bench and waited
and waited
and waited
okay, I know I sound desperate, but it's not desperation
they're called feelings. sound familiar? I thought you had some
I thought about texting you, but I knew you wouldn't reply
I thought about calling you, but I knew you wouldn't answer
I continued to sit and wait
and wait
and wait
until I finally realized you weren't going to show up
I wasn't surprised, more so hurt
it hurt because I trusted you
it hurt because I put my trust in you
it hurt because just one week ago we were sitting on this same bench in the park sharing laughs
it hurt because I just knew you were different
but most of all, it hurt because I cared
I know it hadn't been that long, but it felt like we knew each other for years

is it weird that I can still picture your face in the back of my head?

I miss the simple things
I miss the profound things, those things that stood out
those things that made me smile at the end of the day
like the way you ate your swedish fish in one sitting
or the way you burped out loud at restaurants and I hated it
or when you smiled and all your teeth lined up together, it was mesmerizing
You made me smile and I appreciated that
it had been awhile
you know what's weird?
talking to someone every day to not speaking at all
how can that not bother you?
maybe I was in too deep
ill admit that, but do you blame me?
so as I sit here trying to solve this mystery
no matter how hard I try - I can't seem to understand where we went wrong
maybe we didn't go wrong
maybe we went right, but you just didn't want to put up a fight
no worries
I vouched for you, but I couldn't vouch alone
sad story, but it's true

I'll continue to sit and wait for you.

:( <3 this is beautiful and makes me want to give you a big hug. <3
awwww! thanks so much @allischaaff :) 5% of it was fictional. I didn't actually wait for him in the park, haha but the rest is realistic.