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You're telling me that...

eating a home cooked meal with your family on a Wednesday night stealing chunks of cookie dough, while baking with your little siblings curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite rom-com slurping down chicken noodle soup on a frigid winter night walking along the beach with a soft serve ice cream in hand

grabbing a slice of pizza with an old friend enjoying a Sunday morning brunch with a significant other drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar during happy hour with coworkers watching a baseball game with a ballpark hot dog and beer

doesn't taste as good as skinny feels? Um, I beg to differ.

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wish i knew what that felt like...
I agree 100%!!!! Bring on the goodies!
Preach it loud and proud @ssantiago0911
Food me say!! Food to me ting!!
I can do both, but food in moderation. I still need to get fit, not skinny.