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Ever since the reign of Normcore and the rise of the Birkenstock in fashion, athletic-style sandals have taken the place of painful heels everywhere. This is the best kind of trend, where you can indulge your own comfort while looking ever-fashionable. Here are my picks of the athletic sandal styles, and they're all $100 or under.

Style 1: simple slides.

This is the most versatile and simple iteration of this style. Slides are comfy, easy, and look cool with almost anything, but they aren't the best for walking as they don't have an ankle strap and also often don't have much sole support, but you can get versions with comfier elements, too. Get the look here, here, here, and here for the most directly athletic style.

Style 2: Birkenstock-style two strap slides.

The look that started it all. Birkenstocks themselves are so great because they mold to the soles of your feet, but a lot of imitation Birkenstocks have similarly cushioned insoles. This style is comfy and casual and, for some reason, so in style. Get them here, here, and here.

Style 3: strappy with a slight flatform.

For those of us who like the idea of heels but hate walking in them, flatforms keep your feet flat but elevate your whole look, literally. A strappy flatform has the same look as the athletic-style sandals, but with an ankle strap for more support, and also has that slight platform we all love. Get the look here, here, and here.