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Nick Miller is such an old man trapped in a young dude's body.

He's the grump of New Girl next to Jess Day's sunny disposition and it's kind of a breath of fresh air for those of us who can't relate to her polka-dot wearing, bubbly personality all the time. Sometimes I get a little grumpy and I like to wallow in it, so what???
If you're like me, then you find Nick Miller totally relatable. I also hate going out in public and really don't consider myself an adult despite being forced into adulthood. When I'm feeling grumpy, I turn to Nick Miller, world's biggest grump, for an unfriendly reminder that it's okay to feel like that every now and then.

So what if I want to stay in on a Friday night eating lasagna and watching Jeopardy??

Nothing bothers me more than people bugging me to dance when I don't want to. Gonna start hitting them with this classic Nick Miller response.

No, I can't hang out tonight, I have to do my laundry and watch TV, also I don't want to.

You want me to have a job, pay rent and bills, do laundry every week AND have a social life?? No no, I don't think adult life is for me.

Without using any words at all, Nick Miller perfectly sums up how I feel some days.

So embrace your inner grump every now and then!! Remember you're not alone, somewhere out there Nick Miller is hitting his head against a pillow in exasperation.
😝 oh man you are definitely a Nick Miller twin @paulisaverage and @LauraFisher is definitely getting there too...
Still my favorite Nick Miller quote: “No I don’t wash the towel, the towel washes me. Who washes a towel?” haha I hope you aren’t that similar @Ranjitonly and @paulisaverage
i just mean i'm clean when it cleans me so what's the point.
Haha @nicolejb I almost included that one!! I can almost relate...but no I was my towels...sometimes...I promise
@nicolejb @laurafisher He's kind of right though. WHY WOULD YOU WASH SOMETHING THAT WASHES YOU
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