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I was walking to the subway yesterday and I realized that a lot of stuff that happens in movies just doesn't happen in real life. And I know what you're shit. But what I realized is that when a "movie moment" happens in real life it actually goes DISASTROUS!
When the wind blows up your skirt. Cute and frisky when it happens to Marilyn, not so cute when it happens to you and your laundry undies are showing and the perv behind you takes a pic on his cell phone for the spank bank.
When you accidentally bump into someone. Usually thats the moment you meet the love of your life...BUT NOT IN REAL LIFE! Thats the moment a total stranger yells at you until you feel totally defeated and sad.
Kissing in the rain. Its usually the first kiss and its always perfect and beautiful, think A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff. In real life the rain is freezing, your probably wearing a white shirt that now is completely see through except for the mud stains, and the make up situation is dire. Im talking mascara turning into lip liner thats how runny it is.
The morning after. Thats when the player totally falls in love watching your still flawless face and hair sleeping away the morning right? WRONG. In real life your hair looks like a rat now lives in it, your make up is gone in the best case and everywhere in the worst. Also don't even try to go for that morning kiss because the taste of your own breath (yes you can taste it) is actually making your hangover worse.
Girls night becoming insane and full of crazy, beautiful stories. Movies, TV shows, even tumblr gifs make girls night out seem like the most insane night with bottle service, some drugs, hot boys, dorky boys, flawless outfits, and ending up in places and parties you have never been before. But in reality unless your traveling abroad (which isn't actually real life) girls night out usually ends up at a typical neighborhood bar or standard club with to many shots, tears and drunk food. Also in reality we spend way to much money for our comparatively subpar night.
Driving in a convertible with blonde locks blowing in the wind, the radio blasting the perfect song and the perfect weather for a beach day, road trip, soul searching drive. No one gets hair in their mouth or a bug in their eye and the wind doesn't limit any conversation. But in actuality, a convertible means tangled hair, watery eyes and virtually no conversation because the wind is the only thing you can hear over the radio blasting at top volume.
lol thankyou @LizArnone for this I was having an ofg day and this made it better. Cause yes none of that actually happens.
That last one is the best hahaah.. I HATE convertibles for that reason.
@orenshani7 hahaha i would change that to "you know you love a woman if you still think she's beautiful during her hangover from hell" lol
My father used to say that a woman is pretty if she is pretty when she wakes up in the morning.
the bumping into a stranger thing happens to me both ways... the movie way and the and the reality way. But I keep the flirty bump into memory
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