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Here's A Contract To Myself
It Is Agreed As Follows:
I promise to be the best self that I can be. With that being said, I promise to work diligently, honestly, and productively. I will grow from the hard days, and embrace the good days. I will remain humble to any acknowledgements or praises received.
I promise to also take care of my mental health. I promise to keep in mind that my mental and emotional well-being is very important. I will remember to put myself first.
I, Aly, also promise to understand that I am worthy, and nobody should ever knock that down. When someone doesn’t believe I am worthy, it’s my job to remove myself from that person. I will remind myself on a consistent basis that I am smart, talented, beautiful, and absolutely fuckin’ amazing.
I will also celebrate new opportunities. I will be willing to try anything once, even it means going outside of my comfort zone. I will remind myself that I do not lose anything by trying something new. If I don’t like something, I can always go back.
I will continue to count my blessing on a daily basis.
I will live like an adventure.
And I will be my best self, every single day.

Signed, Aly

Thanks to @TessStevens for the wonderful idea. You can also check her contract to herself here.
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