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Sharing a bathroom can be rough, but sharing a bathroom in college with a bunch of women can be torture.

When I was a freshman in college I had the luxury of living in a quad -- which means that I only lived with three other people and we shared one bathroom. You may be thinking, sharing a bathroom with three women must've been torture, but compared to sharing it with an entire floor of women -- let's just say it wasn't the worst experience.
As women we enjoy having the pleasure of our own personal space, especially when it comes to getting ready in the mornings. Whether you are sharing a bathroom with one other person or an entire floor of PMS'ing women -- making sure you have a shower caddy full of all your necessities will make your mornings a breeze. If you're not sure what items you need or you feel like you're bound to forget something on your check list, no worries -- take a look at these must have beauty essentials for your dorm shower caddy.

Shower Caddy

Well obviously! This caddy will make your showering experience easy and breezy. No need to hold all your beauty items in your hands and risk dropping them on your way to the bathroom.

Body Wash

Whether you're a fan of bar soap or liquid -- body wash is much more convenient and you won't have to risk it falling on the floor while showering.

Shower Shoes

Shower shoes is clearly just a fancier name for flip flops. Those college dorm showers can be rather nasty, it's always best to throw on a pair of shower shoes just to be safe.

Body Loofah

Who showers with washcloths anymore? Pick up a few of these -- discard after one month.

Face Wash

Find a face wash that cleanses and tones your face so that you are able to skip a couple steps.


Make sure you keep a few razors on you and be sure not to reuse them after one use if they are throw away razors.

Face Moisturizer

Keep it simple. A facial moisturizer that can also be used as a body moisturizer will save you some much needed time.

Clarisonic Plus

Skip a washcloth and make washing your face fun with this amazing Clarisonic. Definitely worth the money.

Shampoo And Conditioner

The college struggle when it comes to money can be rather real. To ensure you save money and don't over spend -- instead of always going to the hair salon, wash your own hair every once in awhile.

Ladies, may your dorm showering experience be nothing less than enjoyable. Stock up and make the most of another year.