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Yes, the restaurant.

If you've never fallen down the bizarre pit that is Tumblr, you've probably never met the Denny's fandom. It's one of the lesser-known rules of the internet: if it exists, there's a fandom for it. And this one is exceptionally prolific. Thanks to the efforts of Denny's social media manager Amber Gordon, the chain restaurant is currently Tumblr-famous.

And when you're famous on Tumblr, you get fanart.

Glorious, glorious fanart.

Denny's got swag.

This probably doesn't remind you of rubbery eggs or 3am waffles. And that's sort of the point. Nothing essential about Denny's has really changed. They're just adapting. Instead of intrusive pop-up ads or promoted tweets, Denny's is genuinely communicating with people, and it often feels like promoting the brand is happening organically because of that.

Sometimes it gets a little weird.

This is definitely how it feels to be really hungry in the middle of the night, at a time when only Denny's is open. You eat that pancake, giraffe-man.

Do you ship it?

Yes. Like any fandom, there's a major ship. The romance between Denny's and Longhorn Steakhouse had been well-documented. Dubbed 'denhouse', the pairing seems to be set for a long, happy life together.
Denny's is totally aware of this. Their response? "oh wow".

There's even fic.

“Thanks for walking with me,” she said, hands clasped in front of her. The bashful way she tilted her head to the side, the way she looked up at him through her lashes - he couldn’t help himself. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered. With a sudden realization that he’d said that out loud, he spun on his heel, about to make off like a steer that’d just been branded. “LongHorn!” Denny gasped, taking off after him. She caught him by the shoulder and they stood in silence for a second as the moment washed over them. “Thank you,” she repeated, firm resolve in her stature. LongHorn sighed. “I’m sorry,” he said, turning around. “I didn’t mean to say that - I mean! I mean you’re very beautiful, yes, of course. But I didn’t mean to come off like that shady character before, you know. That IHOP guy. Gross.”
Who else is suddenly really invested in an anthropomorphized diner?

There's even a rarepair.

I kid you not. Here's Denny's, with Buzzfeed. Poor Longhorn! Will he ever find true love?!

Thank you Denny's. Where would we be without your pancakes?

I knew it! They deserve it!
@paradis lol yeah this is actually amazing. Their social media manager is doing an awesome job. And she's in her 20s!
I want to be the one who writes the fan fiction where Denny's sultry Australian ex-love Outback comes back after a long trip abroad and wants to claim Denny's back from Longhorn.
@MooshieBay I haven't seen a Friendly's in years... like ten years. I think they almost all closed. There were a lot of good diners near me so we had a lot of diner food, just not the chain-diner experience. The good news is I found a Denny's near me! Now it just needs to be 2am and I need to be craving pancakes...
I lived in a small town. So don't feel so bad. I understand. I was in my 20s when I first had I-hop. I miss Friendly's, Do you still have one? I love how much determination tou have
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