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At the end of July, my team decided to create the Fluttr experience in the offline world using postcards. Many of us buy and send postcards while traveling to let our loved ones know how we are doing and to share a little bit of our experience with the photo of our surroundings. This is exactly what Fluttr hopes to achieve through our mobile app but on a larger scale. We want you to share your travel stories with photos and words to inspire travelers around the world. Wanderlust is infectious. Your experience can become the starting point of someone else’s journey. So in the beginning of July, we traveled around Seoul with a team of photographers and models to capture the travel experience in the city. We visited Gyeongbok Palace, Namdaemun, N Tower, Seoul Station and many other places that capture the history and spirit of Korea. We tried to explore the city as if we were visiting it for the first time.
Then, we handpicked the best photos and created beautiful postcards that inspire wanderlust. Here are the final products.
Now, from looking at the photos, some of you might wonder why we used photos of people instead of just places like most postcards. We purposely chose to have our models be the focus of the photos because we wanted to capture their story in our postcards. After all, isn’t that what Fluttr is about? Telling a story? At first, we worried that people might not like having someone else’s face on their postcards. Luckily, we have had such great response from many people. People really seemed to understand our message and purpose.Each week, we visit the guesthouses to collect the postcards and we find entire batches that are addressed to people all over world. So far we have mailed the postcards to Norway, Sweden, Canada, US, Spain, China and Taiwan. Hopefully, there will be many more.If you are traveling in Korea right now or plan to during August, make sure to check out our postcards at the following guesthouses. You can leave your written postcards at the guesthouse and we collect them on Wednesdays to mail them. Our campaign ends on August 31st.Keep traveling and good luck!
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