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Chances are, if you go to France, you'll meet a beautiful stranger. It's impossible not to. Everyone is beautiful there, pretty much – what with how well dressed, sophisticated, and classy everybody is. Let's be honest, the allure of the French is unmistakable.
Which is why you need to have this phrase in your back pocket for those times when you meet someone you just can't keep your eyes off. Never fear – it works for men AND women, so it doesn't matter what gender you prefer. When that beautiful French stranger does catch your eye, all you need to say is:

Vous êtes très beau/belle.

You are very beautiful.
If they're male, use beau, and if they're female, use belle. Both mean beautiful, handsome, or attractive, but beau is the masculine form, while belle is the feminine form.
If you'd like to be a bit more casual, you can also say:

Vous êtes très jolie.

You are very pretty.
It means the same thing, but jolie is only used for women! This would be particularly good for young people speaking to one another. It's like in English: a girl is "pretty," (jolie) but a woman is "beautiful." (belle)
As always, let's break it down!
Vous êtes = You are (formal)
très = very
beau/belle = beautiful
jolie = pretty


Vous êtes: "Vooz ett" (the s in êtes is silent). Normally, vous is pronounced "voo," but here, the s is pronounced because it's followed by a vowel. It's called a liaison.
beau: "bo"
belle: "bell"
jolie: "zholee"
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I dedicate this to my French learning friends :D
Hope you guys enjoy!! Ask me anything you want to learn to say in French! :)
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I love these cards! I'm over here trying to pronounce everything haha :)