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Rock and Roll just has a way of communicating with people who are lost. The twenties are a time where everyone is panic-stricken, confused and downright anxious. It's difficult setting up your life when you still don't know if you're an adult yet. These songs definitely get that, and will help you when you think nobody else can. Play 'em loud, and remember you're not alone.

1. Stop and Stare / One Republic

I won 500 dollars for singing this song at a talent show in 7th grade. I knew nothing then, and now this song finds me in a huge transitional phase in my life. It can make you cry if you listen attentively enough, and the video is that much more applicable to everything. It's value lies in it's honesty. Lead singer Ryan Tedder sings it with such visceral emotion and creates the reality of being a complete mess, lost in a sea of people who seem to be running while you're stuck, struggling to find yourself. It's chill educing and proves that this band is highly underrated.

"Stop and stare / I think I'm moving, but I go nowhere / Yeah I know that everyone gets scared / but I become what I can't be."

2. Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) / Patrick Stump

Yes, that Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy fame. He produced a solo album that centered on themes of alcoholism, anguish, love and acceptance. It's a roller coaster. This song is the audiologic representation of thinking about the past, while being pulled along by the future. Most twenty-somethings have trouble striking the balance between their childhood and their new-found freedom. "Oh nostalgia / I don't need you anymore / cause the salad days are over / and the meat is at my door." But beyond that, the song is a positive ode to being yourself. We do not need to tow the line of the past to propel us into the future, and the fear associated with becoming your own person will always be there, but we can help ourselves by doing what we want. It however, displays the reality that we will run into problems, but it all comes down to our attitude.

"You could be your own spotlight."

3. F#@K Forever / Babyshambles

This song is the perfect example of running yourself to the edge. In your twenties, it's easy to become an absolute train wreck. And the confusion of being an adult, yet continually feeling like a child comes to mind when you hear the opening lines... "It's one in the same / one and the same / so what's the use between death and glory / I can't tell between death or glory." The absolutely chaotic chorus could remind you of how you felt walking out of your high school for the last time. When you don't know which way is up, and you're scrambling for some truth, you continually flounder between this illusive concept of death or glory, which this song perfectly illustrates. F*#K Forever owns up to the confusion and the heartache of not knowing what the hell you're doing.

"I sever my ties / because I'm so clever / but clever ain't wise."

4. Something's Gotta Give / All Time Low

This one is for all of those people who are in perpetual party mode. Feeling trapped in a lifestyle of drinking and casual relationships can really take a toll. At some point you have to stand up and question what you're doing with your life. In our twenties, we're just finding our footing and discovering a lot of things. We're taking our first jobs, and we're leaving our friends and families for a new path. We almost never can predict what's going to happen next, and taking the ride isn't optional. "I'm sinking, you're waiting, I'm thinking something's gotta give." We also have expectations we're meant to hit. People all around us are succeeding at different rates, and when we feel stuck, it's almost impossible to change that. We start to feel like something's wrong with us, "I'm feeling like a nervous wreck / living on my last paycheck." There's no doubt you'll relate to this song in some way, it's a total anthem for working through life's unfair issues.

"Wake me up / Say enough is enough / I'm dying to live / Something's gotta give."

5. Radiosurgery / New Found Glory

"I can't stop myself from walking backwards." Wow, if that doesn't nail every twenty-something's state of mind, I don't know what does. From first strum, this guitar laden track engages with the deepest parts of our perplexed minds. The song sounds like a psychological confessional, and it's honest as hell. "My head is like a traffic jam / I can't stop crashing into bed / when I panic / I find it hard to breathe." It's a candid rendering of feeling absolutely broken up over someone or something, and in the desperate moments we can feel like we're crazy. If you feel like you're losing it, this song is definitely for you. When you feel like everyone else is floating on air, and you're the only one fighting in the trenches, just remember you're not.

"My best friends / they don't even know / That my mind's going a thousand miles an hour / I climb walls just to see the world / but time slows down / minutes turn to hours."

Sounds like it's coming from your own brain right?
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