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@Yujinnn06 just reminded me that VIXX IS IN AMERICA AND MANY OF YOU MIGHT BE SEEING THEM SOON. So, I have a few simple SIIIIIMPLE requests of you lucky folks seeing our boys later this week:

Oh, you're there girlfriend!

Enjoy EVERY SECOND of it.
This isn't a YT vid you can have on loop, gif later, rip the audio from, watch in HD, etc - THIS IS REAL LIFE, THE REAL DEAL. DON'T BLINK.

What would Jaehwan do?

It's going to be crowded, but rule number one of concerts is, be kind.
Starlights are sort of amazing because we're a super nice fandom so let's keep that up! Put down your giant poster blocking the people behind you, don't pull the hair of the girl in front of you, you know - common 'nice human' things :D

Take Care of Yourself

Bring: Water, food, a pillow or mattress to catch you when you inevitably faint, sunglasses to help block the glare of Jaehwan's smile, cough drops for your throat after the show, tissues for the tears Hongbin will make you cry, etc.


What do you guys think about making a card similar to @poojas' Big Bang live stream where all the people at the Orlando show can comment whats going on? Like Live Tweeting...but live..Vingling?
Either way, I want PICTURES AND STORIES AND A VIAL OF HAKYEON'S SWEAT AND...okay I stop there...

But really,

Enjoy this so much for me and all the Starlights that won't be there!

I won't be seeing them in Orlando or KCON so absorb every second of their awesomeness and scream extra loud for Hakyeon and my son Hyuk for me.

Be strong my Starlight babies, BE STRONG.

(and comment below if you're going to Orlando so I can harass you for updates)
If possible, tell the VIXX members to join Vingle too! Hahaha. Isn't there a VIXX comeback coming up soon? ^_^
I saw the video that they put on V when they were on the plane! THEN I REALIZED THAT IM ACTUALLY GOING TO SEE THEN TOMORROW! IT HIT ME (more like punched me) in the face! so excited (☆∀☆)
@kpopandkimchi Maybe.... no... But now I'm curious! If I don't make it back, tell Leo I love him!
I'm going!!!! super excited ^-^
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