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When I was about five years old my mother introduced me to The Sound of Music. You know the musical: a classic tale of 7 children and Julie Andrews dancing, singing, and having a magical time in the Alps. It easily became one of My Favorite Things. I also learned at an early age that I loved to perform. So I would spend several weeks rehearsing “Edelweiss” in my room, and then perform it to my family-- my poor younger sister holding the props in the background.
That’s when I decided I was obsessed with musicals. To be able to express myself and my emotions in song was a totally different way of looking at the world.
This went on...
In high school, my first ever musical production was Little Shop of Horrors. I’d done little showcases pieces from musicals here and there, but this was my first time as a lead. And I loved it. I spend several weeks practicing my best Audrey accent and walking in heels (I was not accustomed to heels). And then when we performed for my school, there was truly nothing like it.
And I was hooked.
What was your first musical love? Did you watch a musical as a kid or did you learn about musicals from a friend?
Whether you are new lover of musicals (shoutout to Book of Mormon for making musicals cool) or perhaps you’ve been a die-hard classic musical lover (Carousel, The King and I, My Fair Lady) we all have experience branching out into the musical world. And there’s no leaving anytime soon.
My Fair Lady and Sound of Music were my earliest ones.
omgg the sound of music my first musical as well hahah xD and little shops of horror omg Alan menken is the best composer ever!! huhuhu xD
@caitlind9898! YES! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers isn’t as well-known and I absolutely ADORE it. The music is my favorite.
Oh god. This one is hard. Phantom of the Opera, Oklahoma!, and Guys and Dolls were all huge deals to little kid me. I wanted to live in those worlds so badly.
Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
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