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I love Family Feud. It’s one of those shows that never get old to me.

One of the details that make the show go is that the detailed questions asked demand a quick response. Some contestants handle the moments of pressure with ease.
Many crumble of the pressure of the time restraints.

Every episode we are blessed with an odd answer from a member of the show.
Today I heard an answer from a contestant that nearly knocked me out of my seat.

Steve: For the a creature people are petrified of that beings with the letter “S”

Me screaming at the screen: Snake… uhh.. Shark!!
Isamailia: A Seagull
Me: *popcorn falls from my mouth*
Isamailia jumps to defend her answer immediately. "It's a bird Steve, people are scared of birds, duh."
Unable to hold back a reply, Steve responded to her answer.

"Here comes the seagulls! Oh my god the seagulls are coming! Look they are on the way, and they are eating corn! Save yourselves!!"

Isamailia, you are right. People are scared of birds. People don't like crows. People are scared of hawks too...but Seagulls??
No one on her team seemed surprised that "seagulls" was not on the board.

I know that was an answer she wishes she could take back.

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Birds are freaky! Especially seagulls. Those things are like flying bird poop bombs.