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Does Anyone Know What's Going On With This Dog?
Hello, Funny community! It's Wednesday, which means that it's officially time for this week's Funny Caption Contest!
Take a look at this adorable panda-dog and let me know what's going on in this picture in one quick caption. It could be what the dog is thinking, what you're thinking looking at the dog, or really anything you can think of!
You can comment with as many caption ideas as you'd like, but the winner will be whoever gets the most 'likes' by midnight EST on Friday. Good luck!
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Let's Get a Groom, They Said! It'll Be Fun, They Said!
2 years ago·Reply
last time I fall asleep at a sleepover
2 years ago·Reply
Doggy Witness Protection Program
2 years ago·Reply
I'll be a panda, bitches love pandas
2 years ago·Reply
Oh shit they caught me alright play it cool
2 years ago·Reply
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