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Yus, it's that time of year again. BACK TO SKOOL.

Kpop teaches us a lot about life, but I thought these were pretty important to remember as we kiss summer goodbye and say hello to desks, tests, and having to ask to go to the bathroom.

1. Don't Be Mean to the New Kids

Chances are they'll become your BFF and help you TAKE DOWN THE BOYS LACROSSE TEAM. OH YEAH.

2. Weird Kids Have the Most Fun

Don't let anyone put you down for being different. Just walk away laughing manically like J-Hope.

3. You're Tougher Than You Think

School, school, school, so little time so much to do! Just don't take on TOO much responsibility this year. Have a little time for fun too!

4. Snacking is Life

A solid lunch box means you're going to have a great day. Never underestimate the power of a snack break.

5. Yes, There Are Idiots in this World

There will always be that one (or those five) people that you can't help but stare mouth agape at because they are so ignorant. Don't even bother with them, life will soon teach them how wrong they are. Just do you.

6. Looks Don't Matter

That rude but really cute boy in your class? Don't bother. Looks fade and people get over it pretty fast. I feel like such a mom for saying this, but its the personality that matters, trust me.

7. Learn the Art of the 'Brush Off'

No one has the time or need for negativity in their lives. It may be hard sometimes but brush off those haters and know that you've got literally 3,000 friends right here to back you up. *group hug*

8. Friends RULE

If any single one of you says that you don't have any friends you've got some explaining to do. What do you call ME?! or ANYONE ON THIS LIST?! or ANYONE IN THIS COMMUNITY?! Even if you've never talked to anyone on here before, all it takes is a "hey" and we'll probably become bff-les (people kinda stunk at my school too, lol)


(yeah whatever kai)
@harmonico @ReddViolet Good luck with everything you guys! We can do it!!!
I love you guys! Lol. College is gonna stink, but it's nice to know I have you guys and kpop to cheer me up if I happen to screw up or anything (which is very possible). Thaaaank you @kpopandkimchi!!!
Oh well, my classes are on going. haha . I agree with all of these but I strongly agree with the 2nd one, because I think I belong to the weird group. haha . GodBless in going back to school chingus!!!!
I started high school two weeks ago and so far it's great! And there's a ton of ppl that judge me because I like kpop but I don't care because it's my music taste!!
final semester! (hopefully) Then I'm DONE! But Fandom for life!
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