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5 Things You Need To Do Before School Starts

Its August and while summer may feel like its in full swing, the back to school signs and sales are erupting in each store. While it may seem like you have all the time in the world to make the most of your dwindling summer I am here to tell you that you don't.
So here are 5 must do things before your next trip to the mall for notebooks and sweaters.
1. Get To The Beach
August is the best of all beach weather, blazing sun and not too cold water is the recipe for a perfect day. Wake up early, pack a cooler with sandwiches and drinks, bring a book and get going. All anyone ever talks about is how much they love the beach, but I bet over sleeping, the AC in your room, and hangovers seriously affected your beach time. Go as much as possible, because soon it'll be to cold to even sit on your toilette bowl, let alone play outside.
2. Stay Up All Night
Summer is the time for reckless decisions and dealing with the consequences in the morning. It especially helps when you can sleep in and actually deal with it in the afternoon. Stay up all night watch to watch movies, play games, drink with friends, or just talk until the sun rises. It'll be a night you won't forget with the ending of the sunrise finishing it perfectly.
3. Create your own awesome outdoor game
People have been getting more and more creative with ways to get the mod tout of the sunshine. Slip and slides have gotten longer, water parks have gotten crazier it makes even the most pasty irish kid want to stay in the sun all day. Theres kids invented a slip and slide baby pool kick ball game. What can you come up with?
4. Have an epic end of summer luau party!
Get some grass skirts, some tiki torches, coconuts and a blender and end the summer with a bang! Frozen drinks (or virgin drinks) will make the party amazing and keep you cool as you dance the night away outside, enjoying the last few days of light before everything starts getting dark at 5:30.
5. Tell you summer crush how you feel
Throw caution to the wind! Its the end up summer and time to be spontaneous. Which means telling the person you've been crushing on that you like them! Kiss them first and see what happens! Worse comes to worse they like you as just a friend but now know that you are a cool and confident person who will go after what they want!
Stuff that happens in the summer doesn't really count anyway...blame it on the heat.
@esha mine was spent at work mostly :( although i got to read soooo much because of the train commute! BUT I'm going to the beach this weekend and going on a weekend trip next weekend so i am making the most out of august!
@LizArnone take me awayyyy with you on the beach and maybe eventually deal with the consequences in the morning. :D
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