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If you're worried about your eyebrows not being on fleek, be sure to try out this new "treek" -- trick.

Eyebrow tinting is the new up and coming craze in the world of beauty. For those ladies who have sparse hairs and naturally light eyebrows -- welcome to the world of tinting. Depending on what salon you go to, you have the option getting your eyebrows tinted for a reasonable price.
Tinting consists of applying henna dye directly to the eyebrow and leaving it on for 5-7 minutes before removing. Your eyebrows will not only be appear more full, but they will be the main focal point of your face.
In this case, because of tinting -- penciling in your eyebrows daily will be a personal choice. Eyebrow tinting normally lasts up to about two weeks before you have to reschedule for a touch up.

The difference a little henna dye can make is pretty amazing.

Eyebrow tinting makes all the difference, but can easily be a hit or miss.

You have the option of tinting your own eyebrows by purchasing a tinting kit, but to always be on the safe side -- it's your best bet to go to a clean, reliable salon. Before tinting, make sure your eyebrows are clean and shaped -- see here for eyebrow threading tips.