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Quiz: Are You One of the Fantastic Four?

It's quiz time!

Since Fantastic Four is coming out this week, this quiz will help you determine which of these amazing heroes is who you are inside. Think of them as your patronus, if you're into crossovers.
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Keep track of your answers!

Whichever one you think is closest to your own personality is going to be your result.
Your personality is best described as:
A: Clever B: Quietly competent C: Outgoing D: Caring
Your biggest problem is:
A: Being short-sighted B: Being overlooked C: Being rowdy D: Being under-estimated
If you could have one (other) super power, what would it be?
A: The ability to fix anything B: Mind-reading C: The ability to see the future D: Shape-shifting

Great job! Now that you have your answers, you can find out which of the Fantastic Four you're most like...

A: Reed Richards

The extremely flexible man. The technology that he developed is what leads to the accident that gives the Fantastic Four their powers. If you're like him, you're brilliant and driven, but sometimes what's important gets left by the wayside.

B: Sue Storm

Even though Reed's research is what brought the team together, Sue is the one that often takes on a leadership role. Often level-headed when others are panicked or angry, her intelligence and planning often prevent disasters. Like Sue, you're empathetic and considerate when characters like Reed will disappear into the lab, which makes you a good leader.

C: Johnny Storm

Sue's brother is a little more impulsive than the rest of the team. He's very in touch with his emotions, but he doesn't keep them in check like his sister. If you're like him, you don't bottle things in (good for you, that's healthy!) but sometimes speaking your mind will get you into trouble.

D: Ben Grimm

The changes caused by the accident had the most obvious effect on Ben. His powers reflect his personality: incredibly strong, able to withstand pain and grief, this is the kind of person that endures.

Now that you've solved your identity crisis, are you ready... for... DOOM?

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@caitlind9898 that's awesome! She's definitely the one in charge :) @loftonc16 @buddyesd XD
@buddyesd message above XD
Lol yep looks like it. XP
I got Ben. The Thing is pretty cool ^^
@shannonl5 the thing!! check out my rock hard abs!!
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