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When I used to go the gym (because lord knows it has been some time), I used to wear makeup. I never really wear a lot of makeup, but I don't go anywhere without my eyeliner. I'll use Maybelline eyeliner, which doesn't really smudge. Then for my eyelids, I'll use a h20 liquid eyeliner. The great thing about liquid eyeliner is that it stays -- no matter how drenched you are in sweat.
When I used to go to the gym with my cat eyeliner, I used to get stares (WHY!?) I don't think those stares were necessary. And I don't think anyone commenting on why I was wearing makeup to the gym was necessary either. Because when I am working hard in the gym, my makeup shouldn't matter. If I wanna look like a sweaty racoon afterwards, then let me be, dammit!
Wear it. Rock it. And then impress everyone with how strong and fast you are!
There is nothing in makeup that hinders your ability to be efficient at the gym. If it makes you feel good, then wear it!
If you're looking for makeup that's great for the gym, you should definitely check out a card that @JordanHamilton wrote! She features five products that you can wear to the gym!
I'd also want to include liquid eyeliner in that list!

Have you ever worn makeup to the gym? Or am I the only one who rocks cat-eye eyeliner at the weights section? ;-)

it really shouldn't matter at all! thank you for this article, you are such a good writer! I've read quite a few already!:)
it should def be both! lol
Both? Lol............. @jordanhamilton
Love this! You rock that eyeliner anytime, anywhere, any place! Also, I hit up the gym immediately after work, so I already have makeup on. I feel like it's not a big deal if you want to wear it. And if people ask who you're trying to look good for you can just say yourself :) hahah
Love. I wear makeup all the time, cuz I'm a professional makeup artist and damn I love makeup!
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