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Alright, this is a touchy subject so I want to make a disclaimer:
I am the kind of person that will never get plastic surgery, but I will not shame people who do for reasons below.
Korea is the plastic surgery capital of Asia (actually, probably the world) with people flocking from all corners of the globe to have work done for cheap. I'm going to highlight the pros and cons in my opinion, but I'd love you all to chime in in the comment section below!

Here we go:

The Good Side of Plastic Surgery

Brown Eyed Girls - Plastic Face

This brings up a pretty valid point...don't be ashamed of your plastic surgery if it gave you confidence. With that confidence your inner beauty can finally shine.
Some people need an extra push to help them be proud of themselves, and no one should shame them for it. If you're strong enough to be confident and fiercely yourself without an surgery that's awesome! But it is no one's place to tell some one else what to do with their bodies.

The Bad Side

Okay, so plastic surgery can give people self-confidence which is great, but it's a vicious cycle when it creates ridiculous beauty standards.

Take Girl's Generation for example:

Whatever that they're plastic,

What bothers me is that they are often considered the most beautiful celebrities in Korea. They are what K-entertainment is telling the world a beautiful Korean girl should be - and it's just not naturally possible.


Be OPEN about the fact that you had work done and stop telling the world that this look was achieved through diet or puberty or makeup. Let's be HONEST.

Male Celebrities too:

Sure, they look great and they're confident and they're also for the most part awesome people on the inside too, but it's creating a culture of impossible beauty standards. No one is going to come out of the womb looking this good without some medical help.

The Future:

More and more, celebrities are either turning to very natural looking plastic surgery (as opposed to the older very obvious style) but they're also doing it less.
When AKMU signed with YG they made a strict "no plastic surgery" clause in their contract so that the agency couldn't force them to change their faces.
I hope that more artists and companies continue this trend.


I am not bashing plastic surgery and the people that get it, it's your body, you do what you want with it. BUT I am upset about the culture it creates and the beauty standards young people have to deal with.
I'm not saying Korean youth are weak and susceptible to the entertainment industry's tricks but... WE'RE ALL WEAK AND SUSCEPTIBLE. Even if we deny it or truly believe we aren't affected, we are all affected in some small way.

Do you think people being open about their surgery will lessen the pressure on people to rise to these standards or is there another way to get over these ridiculous looks people are striving for?

Being confident is hard. Especially when these idols these people are supossed to be someone others can look up to and respect!! So many of them debut when they are teenagers after facing such hard times as trainees it's not surprising that they'll want to look better if they have the means. Having confidence in how you look as a teenager wow that's hard. And when plastic surgery is so easily accessible to you I mean why not? I believe that everyone is unique and beautiful but that doesn't mean that they themselves can see that and be confident about it. I don't mind people who get plastic surgery, if it makes them happier, do it!! But just be more open about it! Why is the community so quick to point fingers at who has or hasnt?? (not this one in particular but in general) Yes appearance is important but I think their hard work and effort is worth more
I feel those getting work done are getting it done at a young age. They're not giving puberty a chance. And it's not just puberty at the ages of 11-15 yrs old, you always change again around your 20's. You're older, around different people, and making a life for yourself. If you suffer from low self-esteem, therapy seems like a better idea than changing yourself. The girl I have hired as a baby sitter for my 2 kids recently got a nose job. I always thought she was pretty as is but her nose has bothered her since childhood. It's a trait she gets from her dad. And that worries me too. What about the next generation of kids who will grow up looking the way their parents once did but see their parents now as "better looking" than they are? Now, I don't want to see like I'm against the idea of it. If it makes you happy and you're not hurting yourself or anyone, than ok. But there are people who have had work done and shame those born the way they look. That's when I have a problem with it. I also have a problem when I see people are forced to look different for the sake of "perfection". There is no such thing. Embrace your beauty.
I don't know how I feel about this one..... I like to believe that people should feel comfortable in their own skin, but at the same time, if you don't feel comfortable then what should you do? But I do feel that as more and more idols show their natural look and or do more natural surgueies, it can inspire people to believe in natural beauty. But I don't want to be the person that would hold someone back from happiness at the same time... Idk. I'm so indecisive... xD
I would hope that people in Korea can get therapy before elective surgeries to make sure that this is what you want to do(like they do in America for weight loss and gender reassignment surgery). Even if the surgery is mandatory in order to debut, the record label should set up some form of counseling.
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