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Yoenis, you took the words right out of my mouth.

While his contract really complicates things (I'll explain in a minute), Cespedes has come out and said that he loves being a Met and wants to remain in New York beyond this season.
According to
Due to a unique clause in Cespedes’ contract, the Mets have to release him if they can’t work out a contract extension between now and five days after the World Series, at which point he would become a free agent. Per MLB rules, any player who is released after August 31 cannot re-sign with that team until May 15 the following year.

That's tricky. But it doesn't make it impossible; just difficult.

The fact of the matter is, I believe the Mets will be willing to give Cespedes a strong offer come the end of the season. GM Fred Wilpon isn't famous for his spending record, but I do think he knows when he's got a good product, and Cespedes is that kind of player. He could be the face of a successful franchise for years to come.

Would he do better on the open market? Probably.

But if he loves New York like he says he does, maybe he's willing to take a slightly more team-friendly contract to prove it.

Why does he love the Mets? Same reason everyone does.

The pitching is too dangerous to ignore. He said he likes the atmosphere in New York, but went on to say:
“The first thing you can see is the pitching. Every team needs pitching, and I think we have enough pitching to go all the way to the finals. Other teams that I’ve been around, they scored four and they give up four. This team, if we score four with the pitching that we have, we’ll be able to compete and go to the finals.”
He's absolutely right.
I don't know if the Mets will pony up come the end of the season and make a serious offer to Cespedes, but I sure hope they do. It's a good sign that he's coming out and saying it:

He wants to be here.