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Doug Funnie was one of the heroes of the 90’s. The Bluffington native had everyone rocking sweater vests back in the day.
It’s been twenty years since Doug first graced the scene, but Funnie is still making waves in pop culture. Today I caught wind of a Doug Funnie - Fetty Wap mashup and it made my day!
YouTube’s Adam Schleichkorn (aka Mylo the Cat) mashed Fetty Wap’s hit single “Trap Queen” with clips of the beloved ’90s-era cartoon show.
Adam does a great job meshing the lyrics of Fetty Wap with scenes from Doug. I don’t know how long it took him to find clips to fit each portion of the song, but it was well spent.
This is a mashup masterpiece.

”Trap Queen” at its core, is a song about lovesickness. Who better to perform this than TV’s most lovesick teenager, Doug Funnie?

I guess there is a Patti Mayonnaise in every city.
hahaha damn low blow, bro. Skeeter was a good dude.
@jeff4122 Patti steals every good guys heart, that's why you gotta watch out for Now that I think of it, I blame Skeeter. That was suppose to be his friend, he didn't guide Doug at all, lol
@lizarnone thanks for checking this out, and yeah this was so awkward but cool! I had to share this in a card!
No question you're right @christianmordi, Doug was whipped. But Patti stole my heart
i have no idea how to feel about this hahahahha its brilliant !!!
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