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Netflix announced yesterday that it would allow new moms and dads to take unlimited paid time off during the first year after their kid's birth. This is an unprecedented move in Silicon Valley, where most companies are too busy bringing in ping pong tables and installing giant office slides to worry about paid time off for new parents.

“We want employees to have the flexibility and confidence to balance the needs of their growing families without worrying about work or finances.”

Sounds like an awesome idea to me!! I really hope other major companies follow in Netflix's footsteps. Together, they could pave the way for some more progressive parental leave laws in the US. Right now, we're one of only a few countries without government-mandated laws requiring paid maternity leave. It's 2015. This feels like something that needs to change.
But for now, do you know what this means for Netflix employees?!

A full year of binge-watching for you and your newborn. Thanks Netflix, stay awesome!!

This is rad. I have never heard of Netflix's reputation as a progressive company but I'm all about this.
I heard they got rid of limited/official PTO a while back too because people weren't really using it, so you could just kind of take a day whenever
@LauraFisher you rightttttt I'm not rich hahah but i love netflix even more now
Haha @LizArnone don't go too crazy...I'm still on my mom's subscription too! Not planning to get off that anytime soon. But I do totally support this move...maybe just not enough to pay for it myself hahaha
woooooooooooow i loveeee this. i feel the need to get my own netflix subscription now and get off my parents as support lol
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