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Thanks to @Vixenvivi for tagging me. I put some time into it. My drawings aren't all great but i'll write below what each person states and to whom. It may be a little messy, sorry for that, but I did try to be creative. First Table is the COMEDIAN Table: •J-hope (Bts) •Amber (fx) •Jackson (Got7) •and ME!!! -----Jhope states "I am your hope" with wings sprouting from his back. But. His wings are all up in Ambers face so she says back "Ya! Ur wings in ma face! I won't sing a song for u now!!!" Jackson sits next to me and says "Just Relax", and of course I just stare at him with heart eyes----- Second Table is the SEDUCTIVE table: •Kai (exo) •Taemin (SHINee) •Seungri (Bigbang) •Yoseop (Beast) -----Kai and Taemin are taking a selca (selfie) together. Kai says "Selca time!" And Taemin replies "ur such a pretty boy". Seungri is throwing a paper plane to Gdragon and says "Hyung! I like this girl!" Next to him Yoseop is talking to himself and checking his abs saying "Ah, stil there" relieved.----- Third Table is the ROCKERS table: •Sunggyu (Infinite) •Jungkook (Bts) •Hongki (FTisland) •Yonghwa (CNblue) -----Sunggyu is checking himself in a mirror while taking a selca and says "My eyes aren't that small!" Hongki is rocking out and singing "I pray!" While next to him Yonghwa is peacefully humming. Next to Sunggyu, Jungkook feels awkward and listens to his music with headphones by himself.-----
Fourth Table is the RAPPER table: •Zico (Block B) •Joo Heon (Monsta X) •Rap Monster (Bts) •Bobby (iKon) -----Zico is enjoying Bobbys rap as well as Rap monster while Joo Heon beat boxes. In unison they yell "Yo!" And "Uh!" Over and over again.----- Fifth Table is the High (Crazy) Table: •TOP (Bigbang) •V (Bts) •P.O (Block B) •GDragon (Bigbang) -----P.O is questioning Seungri's airplane while Gdragon is just sitting swaggy in his chair ignoring everyone. TOP says "What should I put on Insta (instagram)?" While V is yelling "Turn Up!" And turning up alone.----- Sixth Table is the EXO table: •Chen •D.O •Chanyeol •Baekhyun -----Chen is singing "Call Me Baby" while Baekhyun is trying to get a selca with V (BTS) and saying "V! We need to take a selca!" Chanyeol is saying to D.O "GD is so cool" while admiring him from afar and D.O says "Look its GD hyung!"----- Seventh Table is the table of the AMAZING SOLOISTS: •Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) •Xia Junsu •Eric Nam •Ailee -----Gain is nudging Xia telling him "Let's collaborate" while Xia just says "Um..." Ailee is nudging Eric while saying "Like My hat? I saw it on a magazine" and Eric stares at the Shirtless Table (next) and asks "Why don't I have abs?" -----
Eigth Table is the table of the SHIRTLESS: •Jimin (bts) •Taeyang (Bigbang) •Kigkwang (Beast) •Jonghyun (SHINee) -----Jimin is flexing his shirtless self while Taeyang is telling Seungri "Ya! Seungri! Hajima!" Kikgwang is ripping his shirt because Jonghyun Accidentally rippid his and said "oops?"----- AND the teacher is Kwangsoo yelling at everyone to Pay Attention!!! So yeah this is my classroom seating. Everyone should try it. Its super fun!!
@vixenvivi thanx. It was fun to think about. And i has to put in those little details!!
You are my favorite XD This is amazing! Hongki even has a nail kit! OMO! I want to be at the rocker table XD or the shirtless table with Jimin and Jong ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
glad to see this game is spreading like wild fire!
This is really intricate. It's adorable :3
This was so freaking cute!!!! Lmao!!!