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You haven't seen Thrashin'? Well, I'm not surprised, not many people I know have. But you got to see it. You just have to, trust me. Why? Because it gave us a gift. A gift of the best on-screen gang, -- I'm serious, they're the goddamn best -- The Daggers.
Here's the thing about this movie and this gang, man. The first time I saw it, I was with a girl, you know? Getting ready, to uh, well [laughing] you know what I was getting ready to do, come on now. And she puts on any old movie on Netflix. Guess what movie it was? That's right. It was Thrashin'!
And here I am, if you can picture it, just you know, mid-make out session. Then that scene came on, that fucking scene came on and I was hooked. I was hooked like a baby fish that didn't know any better, you know what I'm saying?
They, like, ride over the horizon into frame doing all these quick turns and stuff and it's literally amazing. No, no, no, what? No, it's not amazing 'cause of the way they skate or anything like that. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, you know?
You ever have an experience in your life that feels way too good to be true and you think to yourself, "Fuck, I must be dreaming, this is too much. I don't deserve this. I don't know what happened or why this is happening to me. I know I'm going to wake up soon 'cause there's no way that this is real". You ever feel that way?
Well. that's how I felt when I saw that asshole with that biker's cap on do a flip off the truck and land on his skateboard. None of that shit makes any fucking sense but you know what? It's a goddamn treasure. And I love it. And that was just the beginning.
Then later on in the movie, if you can believe, The Daggers just start popping out of nowhere to chase Josh Brolin -- did I forget to mention that he's in the movie? Well, yeah he's the main character.
It has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. I don't remember what town this movie takes place in but it's probably, maybe the weirdest city ever built. It seems like everything is constantly going downhill, forever. They skate down hills then into a parking garage that, for some reason, still has levels to it even though they came in on the ground floor.
None of this movie makes a lick of sense. But it's The Daggers, man. They're the ones that make this movie what it is. They dress really cool, they're nice to kids (they skated past that kid and most of them said hello in a nice way, I think, I don't really remember), and they skateboard, man.
I think it's still on Netflix, dude. You have to watch it before it disappears. It's a real gem, The Daggers are a beautiful group of men doing beautiful things and I just don't want you to miss out on that, alright?