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Name of Contractee: Jordan Hamilton
Date: August 5, 2014

Dear Jordan,

This letter confirms agreement that you are willing to let go and let God. You try so hard to be in control of things that sometimes you just have no control over. Relax. You're covered. You need to stop worrying so much all the time, you're stressing yourself out and you don't even realize it.

Take it easy, breathe and live.

You're so busy trying to please others that in the process of it all, you forget to take the time out to please yourself. Put a smile on your own face sometimes. Those guys you're crushing over, they may be attractive -- but guys come and go like the seasons. And please stop putting all your eggs into one basket before they all crack and you're left with nothing but yolk and shells. As you know, life isn't easy, but it's those bad days that make the good days all the more enjoyable. It may sound crazy, but cherish those bad days -- you'll in turn appreciate the good days even more.
1.) Focus more on yourself. You deserve the recognition. Don't sit around waiting for some guy to give you what you can easily give yourself.
2.) Don't be so hard on yourself.
3.) Realize you don't need the makeup. You're beautiful. Embrace it.
4.) You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Don't feel bad.
5.) Not everyone will appreciate you and that's life. Accept it.
6.) Nothing last forever. At least you tried. That sounds for something.
7.) The struggle makes life all the more beautiful. Don't give up just yet. The rainbow will appear soon enough.
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Thank you @TessStevens for the inspiration. You can also check out her amazing contract to herself here.
Lovely! just... lovely!
"You're beautiful – embrace it." To me, that says it all. Great card, lady :) <3
Number 2! So Important!!! That's my main goal. This is fabulous just like you. Keep moving forward Jordan, your positivity and character is only getting stronger! XO Thank you for doing this!
thanks so much @TerrecaRiley ! :)
thank you so much @allischaaff! have to be sure to remind myself daily -- same goes for everyone.
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