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Ok, so not actually High School Musical (though I love that movie), but what are students actually performing in high school?
NPR (source of all good things, ever) created the most beautiful and interesting infographic for musical and theatre lovers.
Analyzing the past 60+ years of musical and theatre history in high schools, they took a look at the top performed plays and musicals in high school. Something that is sorta like a sciences.

The results.

The Plays:

Our Town and You Can't Take It With You.

The Musicals:

Bye Bye Birdie and Oklahoma!
The reason behind most of these shows making the cut is for two main reasons:
1. All of them are pretty family-friendly.
2. Obtaining the rights to shows can sometimes be a little tricky, but these shows have a bit easier since they are popular and often-performed shows.
Obviously show directors and the school play a lot into what hows get picked as well.
Did your high school put on these performances? Having performed two out of three one that list I can tell you it is really true that high schools perform these shows the most. Now if we can just get the real High School Musical to the list...amirite?!