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Originally set for release this fall, the LEGO Marvel's Avengers game release has been pushed back. The new release date for North America is January 26, 2016 and January 29, 2016 in Europe, which means they'll miss the bump in sales the holidays tend to give. There's not much of an explanation to accompany the delay. And it will be especially odd since this game will feature Ultron. By the time the game is released, the villain is going to be old news.
Unlike the last game, Marvel Super Heroes, the plot of this one will be based on the films, instead of an original story. The big draw for this game is the improved graphics and expanded universe, with more playable characters, side quests, and layers of New York City to explore. Take a look at the trailer below:

It looks like this game isn't going to have many surprises.

They're promising an Avengers-themed LEGO game, and that's what they're going to deliver. Games like these are fun, but their storytelling is rarely innovative, and often their game play is about fun and functionality more than anything else. But if you're one of the people who was really looking forward to getting the game ASAP- at least they gave us some promotional images to keep us occupied.
The Hulk-Buster, Squirrel Girl, and Sam Wilson holding Cap's shield. Looks cool. But do we think it's worth waiting for?
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Is this really happening? Bc if it is, it means that heaven has come to earth...