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In 2011, Amber Rose began to push the Amber Rose Slut Walk. Slut walks have become one of the most visible forms of non-violent protest against sexual assault.
The programs mission statement was to draw attention to sexual assault and to call an end to double standards in healthcare legislation.
Amber Rose looks to have her next walk in October, and created a gofundme to cover the 45,000 in expenses for the event. Fans across the globe have chipped in to support the program. Yesterday, Rose received a donation from a big star that may push the program over the top.
Multi Platinum musician Nicki Minaj caught wind of the program and decided to support the cause. The Queens rep logged into the gofundme account and made a 5,000 dollar donation to the campaign.
Very dope.
Amber Rose caught wind of the donation and shared the good news with fans of social media.

“Wow!!!! Somebody Loves Muva and totally gets the Movement!!!! Love u sis!!! @nickiminaj” said Rose on Twitter.

Great to see Nicki Minaj step up and support her friends program. The event is set to take place on October 3rd in Los Angeles. I’m sure the event will turn out awesome due to her friends donation!