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My stab at Totoro nails! By far not my best lol No tutorial for this one but I will try to do this one again some time soon so let me know if you guys would like a tutorial! Fun Fact: The background polish was incredibly thick and a total nightmare to apply so it took me about 40 minutes to apply one coat! LOL And it didn't sit well either >.> ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)৴♡ Thanks for looking! For you Pooj! @Poojas
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@KpopGaby Aww why not lol I was restricted of everything growing up! If my parents only knew I was a sneaky child. Thank you (:
24 and still in love with Totoro! I unfortunately don't have the patience for nails, but you did a great job! Super cute!
OH my god so cute!!!!!
@DaniVO @onesmile Aww thank you guys ♡♡♡