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The Big, Bad, Beautiful @VinMcCarthy has released a new Flash Fiction prompt. Check it out! It's almost as undeniable as the man himself.
Was that weird? Sorry if that was weird. Let's focus on the writing.
Here's the prompt I'll be using:
Prompt 1: In a clinical trial, they are testing a new drug. It gives access to previously unknown talents in people, for a period of 48 hours. What is this person's talent? What do they do with it?
If you know me, you know that I am not going to take this prompt square on, because I am incapable of following rules that someone gives me. Again, sorry. Here's my submission.
"This... this, I did not expect," muttered Dr. Heizelstein. No one heard him, but the room was full of nurses and student fellows who were thinking the same thing.
The man on the table in front of them was Biff Lippermintz, a college dropout with a penchant for all things new. He had heard of Dr. Heizelstein's groundbreaking work via a friend of his in Austria several months ago, and did not hesitate even a moment when the opportunity to become a subject of the famed German's presented itself. Heizelstein was looking for a patient willing to undergo experimental fingernail lengthening surgery. The operation, if Heizelstein got his calculations right (which he always did), would give the patient the previously unheard-of ability to elongate one's finger- and toenails with the blink of an eye, or less. It involved injecting trafellem, Heizelstein's own invention, into the right shoulder. Something about the way the blood flows, particularly in males aged 20-25, meant the trafellum would flow both ways: to the fingernails, yes, but also to the brain's control center, giving the patient - Lippermintz - the incredible ability to control the growth of his own nails.
Heizelstein had been interviewed countless times about the trafellum and its mysterious components, but divulged nothing. Lippermintz claimed, just before the surgery, that his doctor had shared the secret formula with him, knowing quite well that the former B-student and current bluejean salesman would not comprehend even the first word of what the doctor said. Lippermintz listened when his doctor told him what was in the secret stuff, but absorbed nothing.
Having just finished the operation of three hours just moments ago, Heizelstein was ready to coerce his patient out of the anesthetic coma and back into consciousness. After months of trials, the German doctor would know for sure if his formula worked. He anticipated that the trafellum would take effect rather quickly, perhaps within as little as one hour, but he could never have predicted this.
Before Heizelstein had even cut off Lippermintz's supply of anesthesia, only moments after Heizelstein had sewed shut the access point of his right shoulder, Lippermintz began to enter consciousness. His torso began to shake, ever-so-gently. It was not dramatic, and it was not worrysome. But it was noticeable.
Lippermintz opened his eyes. He breathed, calmly, and surveyed the operation room. Fifteen women, twenty-one males, and Heizelstein. He counted in one instant and made no mistakes. His breathing remained regular and calm. He looked down to his feet and wiggled his toes. Then, his eyes scanned the pale blue coat he was dressed in, and his sinister gaze reached his hands, spread across his lap.
He looked at his fingernails, and they exploded to life, growing at a rate of at least one inch per second. He looked at Heizelstein, his eyes full of passion and drama.
this is so amazingly absurd. I love it. A very peculiar 'talent' to say the least. I'm trying to imagine what this would do for Lippermintz's (awesome name btw) personal life, either good or bad. I guess neither? Though it seems that he also now has the ability to count quickly, or maybe I'm reading too far into it.
@jeff4122 I enjoyed reading your story, it's got a lot of creativity to it. too bad it wasn't longer :)
hahah thank you @LizArnone @jordanhamilton! this one was definitely kind of off the rails, I sorta just let it fly. Glad you enjoyed!
sheezus peezus!!!! this sounded like an episode of Gotham. loved it and I loved your fascinating names. I need more! give us more @jeff4122 lol it was great though. very lively and the imagery was perfect.
wowwwwwwwwwww first off the name choice for the characters and the drug is really spot on! i feel like you just invented the human wolverine !!!!
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