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John wasn't very smart or brave or courageous. But somehow, he found himself at auditioning for the ABC game show, Jeopardy. He was excited and nervous but he wasn't worried.
Not today. No. He had something up his sleeve. Something he took from a friend who took it from a different friend who had it prescribed to him. It was a pill that gave you something you didn't have before. John's friend he took it and said he could play classical piano. John always wanted to be a musician. But instead, he gained photographic memory.
He spent the last couple of months taking this drug and reading every textbook he could find. He made index cards and mapped them out on his bedroom wall so he could see information in his head instead of think about it. He liked this, he'd go to sleep in the dark every night and rewatch his favorite movies. I could get used to this, he said to himself, even if it means dealing with the nosebleeds.
John had been staring at himself in the bathroom mirror behind the Jeopardy set. I made it, he thought people will know who I am. My parents will finally be proud of me. I'll finally have money. I did it. I made it here. With the help of my little miracle drug. He thought all of these things.
He pulled out a small bag of purple dust. He had started crushing the pills. He thought it made them work faster. He poured some out in the crevice between his thumb and forefinger. Up we go, he thought.
He felt the burn and the tingle -- the tingle down his spine he had gotten used to over this whole Jeopardy process -- but something was different. The tingle had transformed into a shock. His body froze up and he watched his fast collapse into itself in the mirror.
Blood dripped down his nose, another feeling he had gotten used to, as he hit floor. He laid there paralyzed. He thought he was having a seizure, he had lost control of his body. His arms swung violently up and down and he thought he broke both his hands against the tile. A sentence popped into his head:

Inability to act or react, not able to be controlled or restrained.

What is helpless? He thought to himself.
[inspired by @VinMcCarthy and his flash fiction prompt.]
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I dig this a lot, actually. you built up the important exposition quickly and informatively. we know exactly what's happening. and damn, that last couple sentences literally knocked me out of my chair. Good work, good sir. bravo.