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“You know why couples really split up? The people in it stop caring. They stop caring about all the little things they used to do to make one another smile. They forget about the texts they would send at 4 in the morning for the other person to wake up to. They stop caring about how at one point, all they wanted was to figure out the right thing to say when they first saw them. They just stop everything. They get to a point where they’re safely in their little couple-niche and they just sit there. And after a while, all the little annoyances and grievances pile up, cause’ they aren’t moving in any kind of forward motion, so all the buildup just sticks to them and they get too bogged down in it to see the person they used to love on the other side of it. I’m telling you, Sal. That’s the way of the world. That’s what happens to people. That’s what drives us apart. Stagnancy. A relationship needs to be on the move, always exploring new territory. When you get bored, it’s just the beginning of the end.”
Tommy takes the smoking blunt from Sal’s outstretched hand and hits it deeply. He glances over at Sal for his response.
“I’m guessing Trish ended it, didn’t she?” was all he replied.
“Yeah, yeah, she did. But we were going that way anyway. And you know how it is, I don’t really like doing the dirty work. I’d rather just have it happen and let it be over with. Greener pastures await.”
“That’s what you said after Tiffany. And Jess, and Nicole, and Alicia…”
“And I was right! After all of those girls, I found the next better thing. And so on and so forth. Things need to move.”
“Maybe you’re just saying that because you don’t like comfortability? Maybe you’re just too happy chasing drama to focus on the beneficial aspects of a stagnant relationship. I’ve been with Stephanie for four years and I’m really happy with things. Maybe its just you, dude. Maybe you’re just spark-crazed, and once the initial attraction dies off, you have nothing else left. You love new, and once new becomes old, you get bored.”
The two of them sit in the smoky haze silently for a time, passing the blunt back and forth between them.
“Maybe you’ve got a point” Tommy relents after some minutes.
“You know I have one. You just don’t have any counterargument.”
“All I’m saying is that I don’t think that coupling is always in the best interest for the human experience. We should be able to run rampant with whatever and however many partners we choose. But there will always be naysayers.”
“Like me, for instance.”
“Not even. You’re not a naysayer, you’re just a hopeless romantic. You don’t tell me not to live the way I do, you just try to get me to see why I shouldn’t.”
"Do you see?"
"Nah, man. Like, I understand your point, the theory of it. But I know it's not me. I'm not about that."
"You're not gonna be happy like that."
"I don't know if I really want to be." Another pull on the blunt.
"Tha'ts kinda fucked up, Tommy."
"I'm kinda fucked up, Sal."
This is a little bit inspired by @paulisaverage's collection Interviews With a Man About Love. Not quite the same, but this is an idea I got from it. @allischaaff I know you dig relationshippy things, How do you like this? Know anyone like this?
First off, thanks for the tag :) I'm a big fan of this piece. I've definitely had conversations like this – heck, I've even thought this way sometimes. I've had friends who say they don't know if monogamy really works for them. I'm accepting, of course, but I don't know if that's how I want to be. I think sometimes it does come down to people being in love with falling in love, that first spark, that initial feeling. But what they aren't ready for is the work – the straight up toil – required to make a relationship last. I definitely don't want to dismiss anyone's point of view, but to some extent, I think it comes down to a maturity thing. Once people grow up and they realize they don't want to spend their lives alone, they learn how to love somebody enough to keep them around.
Perfect! didn't want it to end. I do agree though people get so caught up in the beginning of what's "new" that once new is gone they lose interest and that sucks so much! I love this quote by the way, def stood out -- "You love new, and once new becomes old, you get bored.”
Oh! And it means a lot that my Interviews helped inspire this amazing work.
I think this piece really captures the essence of why relationships don't work out. And part of me doesn't believe that it's what is laid out in front of us by the character. I think you brilliantly created depth to Tommy's personality. While, yeah, he thinks it's the "little things" but there's so much more there underneath what he's saying and I love that. great piece.