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***please read the comment section - everyone is making great points and I genuinely made this to get other people's opinions, not to start fights or to blame anyone! Thank you!


Racial fetishism involves fetishizing (have an excessive and irrational commitment to or obsession with) a person or culture belonging to a race that is not one’s own—therefore it involves racial stereotyping and objectifying those bodies who are stereotyped, and oftentimes their cultural practices.

I love learning about the Korean culture, I love the Korean language, I love Korean food, I love the city of Seoul, the music, the insane dramas and tv shows, but I do not know every Korean and thus it is insane of me to say I would marry/love any one of them simply because they were born in a country that produces pop music I like.
Here's an exercise...

Look at these men:

Credit: Humans of Seoul
Credit: Humans of Seoul
Credit: Humans of Seoul
Credit: Humans of Seoul

Now tell me, not knowing anything about the four men you saw above, how they are different from the four men below:

Credit: Humans of India
Credit: Humans of New York
Credit: Humans of New York
Credit: Humans of New York
What are their likes and dislikes? How do they act when they get angry? What are their religious beliefs? Do they prefer salty or sweet? Are they a night owl or an early bird?


We know nothing about ANYONE based on their outward appearance and certainly not by their race.
I know that people have their preferences when it comes to attraction (I am more attracted to guys with darker hair vs blonde) and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that. What I'm concerned with is people judging someone so quickly by their race - even in a positive way. I know its a fuzzy line between attraction and something else so I genuinely want your take on this!
You might find Korean idols attractive, hell I know I do, but that should not mean you like ALL Korean men or women, just like how finding a few American celebrities attractive doesn't mean I want to date ANY of the boys at my university (lol)
Get excited about music and tasty food and travel, but not about that random Korean boy who sits behind you in math class that you've never heard speak and only like because he's K-o-r-e-a-n.

So please, I beg of you, stop talking about marrying a Korean boy, how Korean boys are superior to any other race, or why you are saving yourself for your Korean husband.

What are your experiences and thoughts with/on fetishization?!

Please note this isnt meant to attack anyone, just to start a healthy discussion.

AHAHAH Personally I find this hilarious. One would think that in this modern day and age where racial social acceptance is the biggest thing out there this wouldn't happen. Some if not most people say it as a joke and yea I understand, the Korean idols you see are well fantabulous!!! But let's just remind people, they are the minority. As a Korean American when asked who my "ideal" would be Korean would probably be among the list of many other things. But Korean to me means another way of communication, especially because my parents are immigrants and well I can't even imagine living without Korean culture. But that does not mean I only want a Korean guy. There are plenty of Korean guys that have no idea about their culture and plenty of non-Korean guys that know about Korea possibly more than me!!! To that point, I do not believe fetishizing is alright... But I do believe that this is completely normal. To want a significant other to resemble a person you respect. I do believe that personality does come first before anything else in a relationship but.. I'd probably approach a Korean guy more openly than anyone else.
I'm not going to lie, I am attracted to Korean and Japanese men. But not all Korean or Japanese men. I can't just marry a person because of their race. I need to get to know them first and see what their personality is like. Same with any other race like Mexican, black, or white. Color doesn't matter to me really as long as the person has a good heart.
Ugh I wish I could comment with a picture on here lol . so picture the Willy Wonka meme and it says : oh you love kpop? please tell me all about how you love Korean culture I saw this post on another blog about this subject. I think we should learn to be more considerate of other people. Like not freaking out when you meet someone who is Korean or from Korea and making them super uncomfortable. it doesn't have to be as extreme as saying you want to date someone from there. it can be that you say you want a korean friend or you meet someone in the street and "Omg you're from Korea?" ~ let me freak out like you are a celebrity ~ When it comes to dating it's ok to have a preference for a physical feature that attracts you, but to say I want to date an Asian female because I want someone who is quiet and submissive is a stereotype and probably won't be a reflection of a majority of Asian women. It's the same as I don't want a black woman because they are loud and have too much attitude. Basically stereotypes are stupid and most people don't fit into those boxes. Stereotypes only breed hatred and ignorance. we should learn that everyone is different, and people can be easily offended by the things we say as innocent or misguided as out intentions may be.
well said
I completely get where you are comming from. I myself am attracted to just about All races and nationalities. I'm not picky at all but i do like my guys a bit on the thicker skinnies for me lol. I love korean music and food but would prob never go out with a Korean guy unless he was americanized. I can't do full blown korean men. The culture diff is just too much lol. The same holds true for any other nationality. When I was in Korea I had people ask me out JUST because of the fact that I was black um hi can we at least get to know each other first?
I think we need to do more of what you just did to stop this. Show them the average Korean male citizen and compare it to k-idols. They need to see the reality of Korea, that it's guys are actually below the standard they are hoping for. I've seen my fair share of k-idols and I've also seen a good amount of Korean males (being that I take summer classes in a Korean/Chinese neighborhood) and all I have to say is that not all of them are good looking. There are hot ones, average ones, and yes ugly ones and I shouldn't have to say it for you to understand. That's like saying because I find Chris Brown hot, then every other boy in America should be hot too. Now you tell me. Does that really make sense?
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