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You're groaning in pain, as you clutch your stomach. You're so fatigued, the thought of texting, seems like mission impossible. You're so nauseated, that everything that’s not chocolate makes you gag. Or maybe you don’t go through what I go through during that time of the month, and you have 2-day blood trickles with a slight desire for dark chocolate.

I am not saying I hate you, but --

Should You Go To The Gym While On The Rag?

Depends. And here's why I say that: You need to gauge how you feel. Just like everything in the fitness world, everything just depends on you. When I was powerlifting, I still went to the gym to train during the time-of-the-month. Well, most of the time anyway. Since my anemia is pretty severe, I do take precautions. If I am ever feeling light-headed, or I know I can't handle a lot of heavy lifting, I either do a light workout, or I just don't go to the gym at all. For most people, going to the gym while on the rag is fine. It's doable. Some people don't notice a difference in performance or in energy levels. You might be one of them. Always listen to your body and assess how you're feeling. I've had to say no to my coach more than just a few times. Because when it comes down to it: it's better to take a day off, than to really hurt yourself trying to get through something that doesn't feel right.
I don't go to the gym but every time I stop exercising during menses I can never be encouraged to start it again... sigh. Btw, my flow gets heavy(er) and have overflows when I exert myself
I hear you! I'm also anemic. A couple years back when I was running for track I knew I shouldn't compete in the 800 meters when Aunt Flo was visiting. But I did anyways, and I passed out after finishing the race. It was a little embarrassing but i learned a lesson to listen to my body!
"On the rag" oh god hahaha - i've never heard that before! I say if you can, GO FOR IT. Push yourself (but not so much that you pass out, of course). My worst period symptom is usually feeling kinda down, so those extra endorphins can go a long way!
you've never heard of that before?! maybe it's a Florida thing lol. @allischaaff
fell mid squat*
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