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So human Brian is still evolving, but those that mean that the rest of us humans not named Brian are not? Was the author of this article named Brian? Was that the reason why there was a typo on the tittle? His brain is still evolving. Those are the questions.
I had this stored in my device for a while now, and now that the human Brian article has come out, it think it suits it well. Translation:
Take it. I don't use it.
None of these pictures belong to me. But still enjoy them because they are funny.
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@buddyesd that is a good question.
2 years ago·Reply
@FabiolaGavina I guess some guys have all the luck lol
2 years ago·Reply
HAHAHA That second picture. I love it. Also Brian... I'm a little nervous about this evolving Brian guy.
2 years ago·Reply
how is he evolving and everyone else is just brain?! not fair Brian!
2 years ago·Reply
Nice try.
2 years ago·Reply