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I love this girl's style. Her glasses, this AMAZING dress that she made at home(!!!!) and that tattoo on her arm--all really cute and working really well together! (Yes, still unsure about my tattoo...) This easy 1-2-3 tutorial is all about getting supplies to turn out to something like this!

Supplies Needed:

Dress (one that fits great and easy to throw on without a zipper)
Denim fabric
Upholstery cording
Fray check
Sewing machine
6-7" small wooden dowel
Hooks and eyes
Thread and needle

Step 1.

Get your measurements right. You already have the dress that you are using as a base, so let's get started.
For this two-piece garment (a front and a back), you should just trace from your existing dress, which is really helpful. The design isn't complicated.

Step 2.

Cut it out and pin the wrong sides together--ready for sewing.

Step 3.

Iron the seams open. It may be the least enjoyable part of sewing, but so worth it!
Now you can either serge the seams so that they are professionally finished, or you can apply Fray Check, which is like an adhesive to prevent fraying. Or...you can do what I've done millions of times, AND JUST LEAVE IT BE.

Step 4.

On to the cute details: the faux statement necklace! This part is optional. You can leave your dress plain or do something else completely. I thought this was a cute way to put on a necklace without actually wearing one!
Using the thinnest wooden dowel, cut about 18" pieces of the upholstery cord. Slip-knot it onto the dowel. The dowel shouldn't be more than 6 or 7 inches, depending on your style and body frame.
Trim all the pieces of cord to form a downward point, using Fray Check to seal the tips.
Attach hooks and eyes to the dowel and the dress--one hook and eye at each end. This will allow you to detach the embellishment anytime you want to wash it!
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