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A beautiful night falls asleep with you And you dance in your dreams without any clue That your heart is beating with mine synced in rhythms But I, my love can tap these exquisite visions These scenery of true emotions and pure love Fill my soul to press my lips against your cute blush I kiss away all your nightmares And watch you sleeping as this night tears You with all your serenity smile in your dreams And I can watch your happiness in all this realities I wish to cuddle you each night so you can sleep well And even to make you feel heaven though I'm hell These emotions are nothing but mere wings of butterflies Which they spread over you and me in our lives We live in this prosperity and lovely enchant That our love is never ending like a God's grant We both are two halves, together as one But you're better as I'm moon and you're my shining sun You give light to me and spread love in this night And it's my duty to protect you being your knight As with you by my side I feel invincible And the power of our love is something irresistible I bow before you my delilah and ask you for this dance As we're dreaming together so let's take this chance You sleeping and dancing with me in your beautiful dreams As I watch and adore your beautiful serenity
Thanks a lot :)