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You know all the times you've dragged your boyfriend (or fiance) to Hobby Lobby or Michael's or any other craft or fabric store? It's time for PAYBACK! All you have to do is drag him away from his video games to go with you to the hardware store. Guys love places like Ace or The Home Depot, right?!


Black cord
Compression nuts
Hose barb splicers
Compression sleeves
If your boyfriend isn't itching to hit the hardware store, tell him, "We need some plumbing supplies..." That should perk him up and away from Halo for a few minutes, (hopefully). If that doesn't work, just snatch the controller out of his hand. (That last bit may or may not work depending on how enslaved he is the the Xbox, or PS4 (or whatever).
Throw the plumbing "beads" onto the cord and attach closures to the end pieces to finish it off as a necklace. There's not much to show or teach as you simply drop the hardware pieces onto the rope and that's it. No big tips or secrets.
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@DaniaChicago these are really cool my wife would like these :) but ur plan has one tiny flaw...plumbing supplies means work lol
thanks! I am a DIY maven. My fiance is the one that does the hard stuff like plumbing and house work
@DaniaChicago exactly lol but this is a very creative use for otherwise mundane things I really enjoy your cards :) keep em coming I'll keep reading em :D
Ha! That's cute @buddyesd Well, the work is for you not her. She's going to be too busy creating jewelry. lol
@DaniaChicago lol good man:)