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seeing these clips which i trimmed then joined together shows how yoo seung ho has surely improved greatly on his acting skills.. i can sympathize with him and my heart was touched... - the feeling of seeing his mother for the first time in 14 years.. knowing that she is still alive but just not on her right mind.. - the feeling of being alone, of being abandoned.. - the feeling of being left alone by his loved one... trying to grasp the fact that zoe/lee su yeon is not his anymore.. and just saying that nobody looks good when they cry... well, except for this guy... though tears are falling from his eyes and his face is contorted with emotional pain, he still look handsome... i can definitely say that this boy really caught my heart...^^
does it mean that he's not satisfied with what he gave to i miss you? well if can act more than he did here, i don't know... for me, he really acted wholeheartedly and really excellent actually.. couldn't ask for more...^^
that's so not true! >.<
he sure can act well! heard in some other articles that he apologized for not being able to bring out the character well!